2018 NGO Training George

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26-01-18 09:00 - 13:00
Address: Tramonto Venue (next to Redberry Farm), 233 Moeras River, Geelhoutboom Road, George

Time she’s a flyin’ when you are leaving a little sparkle!! I can’t believe that we are already halfway through January. You will receive longish emails from me for the next few weeks. Please bear with me and just enjoy the read.

I know some of you only went back to the office this week. For you, get yourself a cup of coffee, put on your Tekkies and sit back … breathe … not because I want you to relax but because you are about to embark on the Tekkie Tax roller-coaster ride for 2018! The intent is set, and we are pulling out all the stops … WE ARE SUPER-SIZING TEKKIE TAX 2018!! For those of you who have been working non-stop (like me … pffff … 5 weeks’ leave … ja right 😊), smile and wave.

I have only said this once in public this year so far and I am going to say it on paper now (and believe me, I am shaking in my Tekkies when I say this). “Ladies & gentlemen, our target for 2018 … take a deep breath … drumroll please … our target for 2018 is a staggering R11.5million!!!”

I know. I know. I have seen peoples’ faces and reactions (you should have seen mine) but I visualised the day at Telebration (16 Nov 2018) and the amount reflecting on the screen was as clear as daylight – R11.5million. It is going to take some doing. Collaboration. Combined effort. Togetherness. Partnerships. Single-mindedness. Laser-sharp focus. Those are the buzz words.

I want to ask you a question: Are you a chicken? Or, are you a pig? I can hear you say: “Huh!!”
I know you are confused now. And it is good. Hang on to my question.

If you want to discover the answer to this question, you will have to attend our NGO Training Events that is about to kick off. The training is compulsory as per your agreement with us. We will be revealing a lot of exiting new stuff and if you are not at the training, you are not going to grasp the way forward. Book your seat NOW!!