Meet the Green Team who works behind the scenes to make this campaign a success!

Somebody has to do the work, the hard-grinding, the "getting-up-at-the-crack-of-dawn-operational-stuff". And we could find no better company in the city, province or world than Charity Support Services. This all-girl team have walked through fire by raising more than R170 million for the annual Casual Day campaign. They know the recipe, they have the heart and dedication, and they are excited to spread their wings of expertise to cover more sectors of welfare services than ever before. Email Tekkie Tax and have a chat with one of these amazing ladies!

These are the team members behind the scenes of National Tekkie Tax Day. The same people you have known, loved and trusted for more than 25 years of service to the welfare organisations of SA.
Our National Campaign Manager keeps the Tekkie Tax engine running with efficiency and purpose. She has a big heart and goes above and beyond to make sure Tekkie Tax protects the vulnerable. "I love my job, my staff, all the NGO's and of course all the Tekkie Tax supporters out there - thank you! I am very blessed."
The Founder and Patron of Tekkie Tax, Annelise de Jager, said: “I am extremely grateful for the growth that this campaign has shown over the past four years, I believe that there is more to come and together we will make a difference! The focus of this campaign is to protect the vulnerable, be it animals, the elderly, children in difficult circumstances, people with disabilities or any form of education."
Happy is the new Tekkie Tax Mascot with a BIG heart! He is a loving and boisterous mascot, who always laughs and loves to hug and knows how to have fun! We are so proud of our mascot!
She is in charge of our NGOs: looking after them, motivating them and helping them every step of the way to raise funds for their organisation via the infra-structure of the project. "I love all the sectors we support but the biggest part of my heart is in children and education."

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Tekkie Tax Co-ordinator