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The 2016 campaign was on Friday 27 May and hundreds of thousands of people participated by wearing a sticker and a pair of funky shoelaces in their tekkies. Thank you for getting involved in a cause close to your heart and dedicating your time for a better cause!


Become our contact person in your office. We need skilled people to be apart of our team on the outside! Show your friends out there that there is a fun way to contribute to a cause close to your heart: Become one of our Friends!! Complete this form so that we can keep you updated on campaign developments and make sure that you have everything needed to join in the fun of the next National Tekkie Tax Day which will be on Friday 26 May 2017.


Tekkie Tax is the best way to go if your heart is open and you want to make a difference - because in this campaign you can have the assurance that your sticker and shoelace donations REALLY have an impact in somebody's life. Since the inception of the campaign only 4 years ago, we have a lot of testimonials from all around the coutnry to testify that by participating on Tekkie Tax Day - they saved a life.

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